Core Practices regarding Guardian Services

Lighthouse Associates is committed to the following Core Practices regarding Guardianship Practices:

Core Practice 1:  Balanced Self-Determination:

1.)  Lighthouse Associates will communicate directly with each ward, in a manner appropriate to the ward’s level of understanding, to provide information about financial issues affecting the ward and to incorporate the ward’s values and preferences in decision-making.

2.)  Lighthouse Associates will allow each ward to exercise self-determination and self-reliance whenever possible, within the limits of the ward’s abilities and insight and with due consideration to the health and safety of the ward and others.

3.)  In choosing among alternative options for housing and care, Lighthouse Associates will see the least restrictive alternative that adequately meets the ward’s health and safety needs. 

4.)  Lighthouse Associates will maintain open lines of communication with service providers, family members, and other collaterals to the extent that such communication benefits the ward.  Lighthouse Associates will consult with service providers, family members, and other collaterals to ascertain the ward’s values and preferences in the event that a ward lacks capacity to communicate this information on his or her own.

Core Practice 2:  Vigilant and Regular Contact

1.)  Lighthouse Associates will strive to directly assess each ward in his or her own living environment no less than once per calendar month. 

2.)  To ensure cognizant care, responsiveness, and timely attention to the individual needs of each ward, Lighthouse Associates will not exceed a staff-to-client ratio of 1:35.

3.)  Lighthouse Associates will maintain adequate communication and triaging systems to ensure that concerns articulated by wards, service providers, and family members are addressed appropriately and promptly.

Core Practice 3: Transparency

1.)Lighthouse Associates will diligently maintain financial records and person-centered care plan records for each ward and shall make these records available to the court or to any interested person upon court order at any time to ensure accountability and quality of care.

2.)  Lighthouse Associates will provide clear and accurate reports to the court of jurisdiction in accordance with N.D.C.C.§30.1-28-12(8) or as required by the court.

Core Practice 4:  Effective Resource Management:

1.)  Lighthouse Associates will make proactive efforts to remain knowledgeable of applicable local and community resources and will direct wards to access programs and services to their benefit.

2.)  Lighthouse Associates will take care to conserve the resources of each ward and shall not knowingly tax fees for any service upon a ward that could be avoided through the use of available economic subsidies or assistance programs.


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